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A good multi tool can be your best friend out on the trail, and I’ve used mine to get out of tons of different jams over the years. It can be tricky to find the best backpacking multi tool for you, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

In A Hurry? Here’s My Top Multi Tool Pick:

My top pick for best backpacking multi tool is the Leatherman – Skeletool Lightweight Multitool With Combo Knife And Bottle Opener. If you have time, read my full post to find out all about the best backpacking multi tools!

What Makes A Great Backpacking Multi Tool?

Best Backpacking Multi Tool

Everyone is different, so what qualifies as the best backpacking multi tool for my family and me might not work for you. Fortunately, there are a few standard elements to take into consideration before taking the plunge.

Why You Need A Multi Tool

Multi tools can come in handy for a galaxy of different reasons out on the trail. You never know when you need to cut something in a pinch or fix a stubborn backpack zipper with a pair of pliers. What’s more, the majority of them are light enough so you won’t even notice the extra weight.

Multi tools are as essential as bottled water, sunscreen, and a trusty first aid kid. You won’t realize how valuable they are until you need them, but when you do, you will be happy that you have one on hand!

Know What Your Unique Needs Are

When looking for the best backpacking multi tool, size matters, especially when you’re lugging around a bunch of equipment. I love to minimize and streamline my packing process because I generally wind up carrying a bunch of stuff for my kids, on top of all of my own gear.

Smaller multi tools work best for me. I like ones that can latch onto a keychain and be ready at a moment’s notice. Since most of my treks only last a few hours and don’t require a lot of gear, I only need a few critical items on my tool. If you make longer trips or don’t mind carrying a more significant tool, you can pack one that has everything that you could possibly want.

Cost is also a factor. You’ll find that multi tools come in a whole host of different price points. Think about how much you’ll be using it, what you can realistically spend, and if you have any other supplemental tools. That should guide you to make a good decision get the best backpacking multi tool for oyu.

What To Look For In A Multi Tool

Many people like multi tools that aren’t too fussy. You want to be able to get what you need quickly and effectively. For me, the best backpacking multi tools are ones that you can operate with one hand. They are easy to operate and don’t require too much time to use.

Look for multi tools that fit your needs. If you are doing light trail excursions, like me, you probably don’t need anything too sophisticated. Go through the motions of what you do on the trail and find a tool that fits your needs.

Basic Multi Tool Safety

Multi tools are full of sharp objects and pieces, so it’s essential to handle them with care. Always make sure that your tool is fully closed and locked up, and make sure that children understand the importance of multi tool safety.

This video details the basics. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where the tool that you selected to help you actually hurts you instead!

Most Useful Parts Of Your Multi Tool

Although everyone will have a different idea of what the most useful aspect of their best backpacking multi tool is, there are a few classic elements that will aid you tremendously out on the trail.

Knives and blades are extremely handy if you need to slice through something in a pinch. They are small and easy to use but can be exceptionally sharp, especially on new tools, so make sure that they are adequately sheathed when you are done with them.

Pliers are also excellent trail aids because you can use them to unjam zippers, pull small items out of tight spaces, and hold twine, lures, or other camping essentials put.

Multi tools that have bottle openers are also excellent resources. I’m not averse to cracking open a bottle on the side of a rock or using a lighter to leverage it open, but you can’t beat the real deal. If you’re opening glass bottles, you don’t want to risk them smashing. You can also use your bottle opener to clean off a grill, or even devein your shrimp- things that definitely come in handy if you’re planning on being out in beautiful nature for a prolonged period of time.

Multi tools are great assets to have out on the trail. I rarely leave the house without mine, and I would certainly never venture out into the wilderness without an excellent multi tool at my disposal. If you are serious about hiking or trekking, you need to get your hands on one. You’ll thank me!

Best Backpacking Multi Tool Product Reviews

There are truly some tremendous multi tools out there, but these are five of the best backpacking multi tools on the market.

Top Choice Overall:

Leatherman – Skeletool Lightweight Multitool With Combo Knife And Bottle Opener

Leatherman is one of the most well-known and respected names in the business, and there’s a good reason why. Their products are generally trustworthy, durable, and easy to use. The Skeletool is certainly no exception, and it has a substantial fan base because of it.

A few Things To Consider:

The clip can come loose if you are doing extreme sports or hiking.
Some people may find that they need additional tools.
It’s a smaller tool, so the knives are not able to cut through substantial materials.

Final Thoughts: Leatherman – Skeletool Lightweight Multitool With Combo Knife And Bottle Opener – Stainless Steel

Overall, this Leatherman is a great option for any person who wants to carry along a small tool and not have to worry too much about it. It has everything that a lay-person would need for a day trip or short hike, and is personally one of my absolute favorites and a front-runner for best backpacking multi tool.

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Most Tools Included:

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier (22-01471)

This Gerber multi tool is one of the most comprehensive models on the market. It has a whopping total of twelve different components that will aid you out on the trail. It’s also relatively lightweight and only four inches long so that you can bring it along with ease. If you are one of those people who always want to be prepared for any situation that may come up, this is the tool for you.

A few Things To Consider:

The pliers can be a little bit cumbersome, and it’s challenging to make them work sideways.
The velcro clasp comes undone easily.
Some people might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of different options on this multi tool.

Final Thoughts: Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier (22-01471)

This multi tool is a fabulous option for those who are hiking on uncertain terrain or don’t know what they might need while out on the trail. I have plenty of friends who swear by this model. They love the security of always being prepared, and the tool is small enough, so you will hardly even notice it.

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Smallest and Most Lightweight:

Gerber 30-000469 Dime Mini Multi-Tool, Black

The Dime Mini Multi-Tool is an example of how sometimes the best things can come in the smallest packages. Made out of durable stainless steel, this tiny gem is only about three inches long but full of all the things that you need out on the trail. It’s a cute, sturdy little option that makes a tremendous and useful first multi tool.

A few Things To Consider:

The pliers can be a little tricky to operate and sometimes have trouble springing back into place.
Although it contains all of the tools that you could want, they are small and can’t handle more significant jobs.

Final Thoughts: Gerber 30-000469 Dime Mini Multi-Tool, Black

This model is an exceptional tool for light hiking. You won’t be sawing down trees with it, but it will do the trick if you are out in the woods and need to slice through something. I would highly recommend this one.

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Most Intense:

TAC9ER Tactical Multitool 15-In-1 Shovel – Portable, Compact, Military Steel Shovel With Carrying Pouch For Camping, Survival, Backpacking, Emergency

If you tend to embark on more intense hikes, or if you love to camp overnight, you need a more serious tool that can keep up with your lifestyle. This one might just fit the bill! Unlike the other multi tools on our list, this one comes with a shovel, hoe, compass, and harpoon. You will be able to last for days out in the wilderness with this tremendous tool. Amazingly, the whole thing is less than ten inches long and a mere six inches wide. You can carry it with you anywhere are rest assured that you will always be prepared for anything that the trail might throw at you.

A few Things To Consider:

Even though it’s small, this multi tool is much larger than the others on the list, and you’ll absolutely notice that you are carrying it.
Tough terrain can be a match for the shovel.

TAC9ER Tactical Multitool 15-In-1 Shovel – Portable, Compact, Military Steel Shovel With Carrying Pouch For Camping, Survival, Backpacking, Emergency

If you are a serious outdoors person, this is the tool for you!

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Best For Backcountry:

Roxon CM1349 SPARK Multitool Plier, 14-In-1 Multitools Folding Plier, Multipurpose Outdoor Survival Portable Multi Tool Set

This multi tool is an excellent option for people hiking in the backwoods. It comes with all sorts of unique add-ons, like a flint stone that can help you start fires, a whistle, and two types of screwdrivers. With a ten-year warranty and exceptional craftsmanship, this tool won’t let you down.

A few Things To Consider:

The veneer on the tool can give off a slight odor that some might find off-putting.
Tough terrain can be a maThe pliers are a little bit difficult to use and don’t grasp as firmly as other models.

Roxon CM1349 SPARK Multitool Plier, 14-In-1 Multitools Folding Plier, Multipurpose Outdoor Survival Portable Multi Tool Set

If you are serious about getting back to nature, this is a great multi tool for you. I find that it has too many components for me, but my deep woods adventuring friends swear by it.

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My #1 Best Backpacking Multi Tool Choice

Although all of these tools are in a class of their own and will serve you well out on the trail, my favorite for the title of “Best Backpacking Multi Tool” is the Leatherman Skeletool.

It’s a fantastic option because it’s durable, lightweight, and comes with the Leatherman seal of approval, so you know that you are getting a great product. It doesn’t have any unnecessary tools on it: only what I need when I’m out and about on the trail. Since there are only seven components to the Leatherman Skeletool, I can get to what I need quickly and easily.

I carry my Leatherman Skeletool with me on all of my hikes, and I’ve used it more times than I can count! I’m sure that you will find it to be just as useful for you and your family.

Carrying an excellent multi tool is a great way to be prepared on the trail. Since many of them are small, you won’t notice the extra weight. You will notice the additional peace of mind that you get by knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way!

Quick Video Recap Of The Best Backpacking Multi Tool

Best Backpacking Multi Tool For 2020 Video Recap
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