Using a GoPro On The Amazing Grand Mesa Crag Crest Trail

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Matt really needed to get out on a hike and he took the GoPro Hereo7 to the Grand Mesa near Grand Junction, Colorado and tried it out on the Crag Crest Trail. Turns out that the GoPro software makes some pretty cool videos of your trip automatically, and it even adds music. Your video syncs to the music too.

Crag Crest Trail Hike
Hiking on the “crag crest” on the Crag Crest Trail

Here’s the super quick final product of Matt’s hike on the Crag Crest Trail on 6/1/2020!

GoPro Hero7 Black Movie – Crag Crest Trail

The GoPro takes the footage you capture and produces videos like the one above, but only if you want it to. You can also view and publish the raw footage.

Check out the video at the bottom of this post which shows about a minute and a half of raw GoPro footage from the Crag Crest hike.

Interested in the Crag Crest Trail?

The Crag Crest Trail is a US Forest Service trail located in the Grand Mesa National Forest in Colorado. Grand Junction is the closest city.

The trail is a 10.3 mile loop and it is beautiful!

There’s no need to hike the full loop if you don’t want to. A hike to the actual “Crag Crest” is about 3 miles from the trailhead, so you can get in a short dayhike and be home before lunch if you want to (depending on where you’re coming from).

It’s not super steep either. I would definitely take the kids next time.

Wanna get directions from wherever you are? You can use the map below.

GoPro Gear Used On This Hike

Here’s a little bit of info on the GoPro Hero7 that Matt used on the hike:

He also used the Chest Mount harness on this trip, but I know he’s going to experiment with different mounts on future hikes this year, so check back to see how those work out.

Here’s some info on the GoPro Chest Mount Harness:

GoPro Hero7 Raw Footage – Crag Crest Trail

As promised, here’s the raw GoPro Hero7 Black footage from the hike:

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1 thought on “Using a GoPro On The Amazing Grand Mesa Crag Crest Trail”

  1. The GoPro is a great video camera for sunny days but not a fan of using it on cloudy storm days or at night. It’s horrendous if you’re trying to get a shot at night unless you have another light with you. Great product for the price though.

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